Different ways to Find Halal Food

 There are many things which are prohibited in Islam like you should confirm while eating any food item because Islam forbid  eating haram food items. It is difficult to identify whether the food item is halal or haram because in non Islamic countries there is no proper way to check if the food is halal or non halal (haram). In this article you will be able to find some of the ways through which you can find the halal food items.


In case you can't find a Halal asserted restaurant, then the accompanying decision is to find a support restaurant which is without instability regulated by Muslims. Despite the way that with the wide use of arranged fixings, even the Muslim cooks may sooner or later not is totally aware of what they use, this is the second best decision.


Try your best to visit those halal food restaurants which are assured to be halal. But in a couple of events even some guaranteed outlets have been found to have issues, they are by far, the most secure option. Most such outlets will demonstrate their affirmation logo some spot in the premises.


Confirm with the restaurant that they don't use alcohol or animal based fixings/oil for food arranging. There are some mobile applications which finds nearest halal food restaurants located near your location. These applications are helpful to find Islamic restaurants in your area.


“We were forbidden (to eat) the flesh of the domestic asses”. Sahih Muslim 1938 c


Keep up a vital separation from restaurants which say they use halal meat, moreover serve non-halal meat/sustenance. In larger piece of cases they will be get prepared non-halal meat and Halal Food in the same kitchen and contamination is sure to happen.

Exactly when getting took care of sustenance/ snacks at the target, check for a genuine Halal logo. In case the logo is not presented in the packaging, keep away from acquiring them. Since no readied sustenance is presently past the risk of being polluted. Simply strategy for guaranteeing that they don't contain any non-halal fixings these days is self-governing testament and checking of these things.


The Prophet (P.B.U.H) said, "All drinks that produce intoxication are Haram (forbidden to drink)” Sahih al-Bukhari 242


Don't acknowledge bread and other baked good shop sustenance’s are Halal if they are not ensured. There are tons of ways non-halal fixings can get into that sustenance too.




Halal and haram are the boundaries to check whether Muslims are following the rules of Allah and there is logical reason behind halal food items. Modern medical science has proven almost all the facts of Islam about halal food items that those items which are forbidden or non halal are medically harmful for the human body. Now it is up to us whether we follow the guidelines or not.