Surat Al-`Ādiyāt



This is the 100th surah (chapter) of the Holy Quran, comprising of 11 ayahs (verses). It is debatable that whether this surah was revealed in Makkah or Madina, but the subject and style of this surah somewhat point out that it’s Makki (revealed in Makkah). It first talks about the chaos, destruction that was common in Arab and then the foolish nature of man where he forgets about the day when every man would be awoken from his grave and made answerable and punishable for his deeds. You can also have it in your smartphone by installing ‘last 20 surahs’ app from the play store.





Situation of Arab

Before the advent of Islam, Arab was a land of extreme ignorance. No knowledge of any sort of monotheism, ruthless brutality towards the innocents, infidelity are only a few of the wrongs mentioned here that was common everywhere. Love for gold and other wealth was very extreme and Arabs were readily willing to plunder other villages for it, no matter how many helpless women and children they kill in the process. Such plunderers preferred that they attacked villages at night. In this surah, the


“By the racers, panting, And the producers of sparks [when] striking” 

(The Quran 100:1-2)


 is referred to this. Since the horses panted while running and the hoofs of the horses produced sparks with the hard ground at night.

Almost every village suffered this fate. Consequently, the safest village was the one which had no or very little gold or the one with great defenses. Thus, there was no heart for innocents, no care for the lives lost or destroyed. The only sympathy or concern was for wealth. men did all the destruction they could for obtaining it.


The fool that man is


Man is nothing but a great fool to think that he can get away with his sins. He must realize that one day he will be made answerable for everything. For every evil act of his, he will have a suitable punishment for it. It is not the punishment of courts that is being referred here, but the punishment from man’s creator i.e. Allah Almighty. Man thinks that he can do whatever he likes and “you live only once”. All these are foolish myths. For you live twice; the second life is the one we will live after we die, which will start by the judgment day where man will be rewarded and punished for each of his great deeds and sins respectively.


The final day

Allah provides justice to all and He keeps His word. If we feel that we’re not being given fair justice then we must remain patient, for He remembers everything and does not forget to punish the wrong and reward the good. As mentioned in this surah:


“And indeed he is, in love of wealth, intense. But does he not know that when the contents of the graves are scattered. And that within the breasts is obtained, Indeed, their Lord with them, that Day, is [fully] Acquainted.”

(The Quran 100:8-11)

Thus, whatever is in our hearts will be obtained and no secret would be kept. Everything would be shown for all to see.




Mankind must remember that every deed of his is being recorded and will be presented in front of him one day. He will be punished accordingly for the bad or evil that did. Hence, this reminder must prompt him for staying good and on the right path leading to heaven.