Celestial Theme of Surah Rahman

For the transgressors Holy Quran is a book of guidance. For the spiritual destructors, it is a beacon of light who have lost hope and faith in the sole ordinary and Sustainer of the universe. The one who is keen seeker of magnanimity of Mighty Lord, His favors, the death after life, purpose of creation should probe and recite Surah Rahman with a translation that will open portals to the world of wonders exhibiting bounties and virtues for its worshippers. This celestial Surah of the Quran, let the believers marvel at Allah’s eloquence with His manner of speech that is soothing enough to captivate His worshippers to follow His commandments.



The epitome of the chapter can be extracted from the reiterated verse itself that entails:

“And which of the favors of your Lord will ye deny.”

The theme further divides into three broad categories that encompass:

  • Supremacy of Lord
  • Bone chilling scenarios of Qayamah
  • Bestowed favors


Supremacy of Divine Lord:

The verses of Surah Rahman remind how superior the Lord is and His sovereignty is irrefutable and irresistible. All the celestial bodies are it moon, sun or stars remain suspended in the space following his orders and cannot avert without His flawless articulated commands. In the verse, Allah has decrypted that how oceans and sea are made for the man’s comfort by allowing humans to commandeering ships while on the other hand reveals its wrath that these were the oceans who had once wiped entire civilization of the ignorant ones.


Bone Chilling Scenarios of Qayamah:

Rahman verses exhibit the vivid prequel of Day of reckoning when a trumpet will be blown and all would turn into ashes. The believers will be in glad tidings whereas the non-believers will lament and plead over their plight when they will flog to hell for their committed gross deeds. The day of Qayamah will be the day when no soul will help each other rather will be obsessed with oneself, the concept of lineage and blood in total will discard, and everyone will pay and be responsible for their own deeds. Quran narrated it as:

“But when the deafening cry comes, The day on which a man shall fly from his brother, And his mother and his father, And his spouse and his son-- Every man of them shall on that day have an affair which will occupy him.” [Quran 80: 33-37]


Bestowed Favors:

The main eminent theme of Rahman is let a common person ponder over magnanimity of the Lord’s creation in order to make him thankful enough for His innumerable and countless favors and blessings. Along the dreadful facade of the Resurrection, the side of peaceful and serene heaven is described in a way that it captivates a person in its beauty and flamboyancy. Furqan-e-Hameed quotes it as:

“But they who believe and do righteous deeds - those are the companions of Paradise; they will abide therein eternally.” [Quran 2:82]

Allah has enlisted all His favors ranging from birth until peace imparting religion, making a person Muslim to the follower of Messengers, wisdom until sentiments, giant oceans until the water cycle and modesty until the contentment of hearts. These favors of Allah the Exalted Deity are enough to thank Him for one’s entire life in order to worship Him with devotion and sheer faith.

Those who will remain steadfast and consistent in their doings, following the sacramental orders revealed in the Quran, for those having Allah’s eternal blessings even at the Day of Judgment whereas those who will avert and remain sunken deep in ignorance eventually will rot in hell.

Concisely, Quran is the book that will remain the sole guidance until Reckoning day. There has enough proofs, signs for those who want to believe in its authenticity and they will be among the distinct ones in the sight of Lord until eternity.