Clear Your Confusion about Dari and Farsi

Persian is not the language of Iran or Afghanistan, but also spoken in the regions where there is an influence of Persian culture. Before the arrival of the British, this was the official language of Muslim rulers in Indian Subcontinent. It is also known as Dari and Farsi because it is not only restricted to Muslims, but also to the Afghan people who are abundantly speaking this language.


Farsi that is the second name for the Persian language is mostly spoken in Iran. For us it is clear that these two are the forms of Persian languages, but in the western world this thing is confusing that is why most of the people see these two as the same languages as the similarities are too obvious.


Dari Language:

  • Dari is officially declared as the language of Afghanistan, whereas the other prominent language that is spoken there is Pashto. The western worlds see it as Afghani, Persian because of the phonetic and grammatical overlapping with the Iranian national language.
  • This language is spoken by 5 million people of Afghanistan and is the common language of communication.
  • About this form of Persian language, it is supposed that it was spoken in Darbar the throne, which was used by the rulers hence got its name as Dari.
  • To Learn Persian, having hands on this language is easy as it is clear in dialects and has easy to learn and understand grammar.

Farsi Language:

  • Like Dari, Farsi is the official language of Iran. It belongs to some other group and has similarities mostly with Arabic language.
  • Arabic itself is difficult to learn because of its Alphabets, this part of the Persian language is not easy to understand and learn.
  • The language has more similarities to Urdu and Hindi than English language making it more convenient to learn for those who are native of Pakistan and India.

Differences between Farsi and Dari:

  1. On common grounds, Farsi is no more than a Dialect of Persian language.
  2. Farsi is also spoken by the people of Afghanistan and is just a variety of Dari that is the official language of this country.
  3. Those who know the languages very much are aware of the fact that the language that is spoken in Afghanistan is an Eastern Persian language and the one spoken in Iran is western Persian language.
  4. Even in modified form the Alphabets in the Dari and Persian remains the same.
  5. If look upon the vowel system one will find that, the vowel system in Dari is different and the person will come to know that there are some consonants, which make Dari different from Farsi.
  6. To spot on the main difference between Farsi and Dari they have a main difference in the pronunciation and no more than this.
  7. For the western learner who wants to learn this language, he should keep in mind that there is less stress on Dari accents and more stress on the Farsi.