April 2016
text: Clear Your Confusion about Dari and Farsi
Persian is not the language of Iran or Afghanistan, but also spoken in the regions where there is an influence of Persian cul...
October 2015
text: Arabic Language and its connotations
Arabic is the fifth widest spoken language, which once was dominated the entire Arab dynasty. Around three hundred million of...
October 2015
text: Celestial Theme of Surah Rahman
For the transgressors Holy Quran is a book of guidance. For the spiritual destructors, it is a beacon of light who have lost ...
September 2015
text: Hajj and Umrah a station of Commemorations
Muslims perform Hajj to complete their obligation that Allah has ordered them to accomplish for faith revival. The performanc...
July 2015
text: Islamic Calligraphy
Calligraphy is an aesthetic code and art that is unique to Islamic culture and bears significant importance. Islam uses texts...
June 2015
text: Healthy Food in Ramadan 2015
Ramadan is a month which contains many blessings, it is a chance for Muslims to boost their Naama-e-Aimaal greatly (in the po...
June 2015
text: Second Ashra of Ramadan the Days of Forgiveness
Ramadan Ramadan is a month of countless blessings of Muslims; it is the time when Muslims engage in excessive worship with th...
May 2015
text: Surat Al-`Ādiyāt
Introduction This is the 100th surah (chapter) of the Holy Quran, comprising of 11 ayahs (verses). It is debatable that wheth...
May 2015
text: Learn Duas for protection against Evil
Allah’s help to be sought in every situation As Muslims, we are to express our personal desires and wishes to Allah. We als...
April 2015
text: Gender Equality in Islam
Allah has created pairs in everything and He has mentioned this in various places across the Quran. Some instances are eviden...
April 2015
text: How To Offer Namaz
It is connected by Hazrat Abu Hurairah (R.A.) that (once) the messenger of Allah (Sallallaho aloha wasallam) was sitting on t...
February 2015
text: Different ways to Find Halal Food
There are many things which are prohibited in Islam like you should confirm while eating any food item because Islam forbid ...
January 2015
text: Five Ahadith on Faith in Islam
Faith is essential in Islam. Right faith about ALLAH, the universe, and mankind is of essential concern to Muslims. The Qu...
December 2014
text: Hazart Abu bakar (R.A) - As Siddiq
Hazart Abu bakr (R.A) was always a nearby Companion of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). His original name is Abdullah ibn Abi Qhuhafa...